Argumentative essay topics

Effective reasoning and useful tips for writing

In the process of education, one of the most popular tasks is to write a cool essay in the English class. The most contentious part may be the choice of an effective theme. If a teacher does not assign you a specific topic for discussion, you must choose your own idea. However, it should be relevant, convincing and related to your course, so it is not easy to solve a particular problem

In most cases, students try to select a theme based on the following criteria:

  • Previous results of the investigation (
  • Availability of information
  • Relevance of available sources
  • Creative and persuasive
  • Level of education (high level of education, college or university)
  • What makes Good ArgumentTopic?

    There is one important word that each student must have in the form when choosing the argumentative essay is “controversial”. Your work should motivate readers to continue discussion, not just to get information. Therefore, it is important to use both arguments that support your basic idea and opposing views. Try not to write about something in the world that you normally agree about, for example, “The life and health of rare animals are in danger.”

    I mean, there’s always two sides of the coin. So you should write at least one argument against your dissertation to be sufficiently compelling and urge the audience to read the document from the cover and participate in further research. To help readers, include a complete bibliography list with all relevant sources

    We have created a list of the most telling examples of theme and advice to help high school students and colleges choose the best options. Who knows-perhaps you are only a few steps away from becoming the next great researcher who will give new answers and provide proof of the legal, moral, social, technological, media and family aspects of people’s lives

    Find the most controversial topics and tips on the most controversial topics in the next section of our article. Only after you’ve made a decision on this matter, you can proceed to

    Ideas for a legal topic

    Legal issues, in accordance with most of the arguments, are the most controversial, controversial and widely discussed. Such documents are oriented towards private and general rules, ways of managing society and laws that are often modified or simply created. It is no secret that society is often dissatisfied with the new system and regulation, so you should put information on good and bad things in your argumentative paper. Students who receive an education in business schools and colleges and study the jurisprudence will simply love the following topics:

  • What is the best global alternative to the death penalty?
  • Should scientists who conduct violent experiments on animals be punished?
  • The control of weapons is another measure for the management of society
  • Abortion should be prohibited
  • Causes of domestic violence
  • Marijuana is still dangerously legalized
  • A retarded man can hold a gun to protect himself
  • How can the Government combat prostitution?
  • At what age should women have access to birth control?
  • The new law, which prohibits the use of specific social networks, constitutes a threat to human freedoms
  • Topics on various issues of morality

    Contentious ideas may be linked to the moral aspects of human life. People often claim to be ethical and ethical; so this is your chance to write about a real life that is rather controversial from this point of view. Here is a list of examples of moral themes:

  • Can the research industry survive without animal testing?
  • Rich people should share their income with the poor
  • The interests of minorities must be taken into account in the next elections
  • Does suicide help to avoid all the problems?
  • Children could not soberly assess their appearance
  • Moral problems of obesity
  • Consumers should not purchase goods from companies using cheap labour
  • In public spaces, food-related images should be prohibited
  • The restriction of some channels of communication by the media is contrary to human rights
  • Is the American nation really free?
  • Gender discrimination should be abolished
  • Look at some good social topics

    The best solution to the disputed essay, which contains social questions, is that you can describe your personal experience and give an example of real life

    The following are examples of social topics:

  • Students should have the right to choose their own college to receive an education in accordance with their future professional career
  • The best time to start voting on the US election
  • Problems faced by immigrants from the third world in the United States
  • What language should be the second official in the United States?
  • Is modern technology more harmful than the benefits?
  • Will society accept marriages between people with different skin colors?
  • Could homosexual marriage be permitted?
  • How do people have to choose who friends are friends with?
  • There is no such thing as friendship between a man and a woman
  • Is the virtual machine familiar with the actual partner?
  • The school hierarchy limits student freedom
  • Mass media and advertising related to essays

    Modern society depends entirely on advertising and advertising. Various channels of mass communication, such as TV channels and social networks, have a great impact on people’s lives. You may be interested in analyzing this impact, as well as other problems and technologies used to manage the human mind in your argument essay

    If you need to find inspiration, turn on the TV or radio to find the best ideas. If you need sample documents,

    We offer the following examples of good arguments for media-related arguments:

  • What can be shown in prime time in TV?
  • Internet users should not create groups of interests in prohibited subjects
  • Arguments for and against anorexia
  • Film and television shows should highlight the problems and problems faced by minorities
  • Is the print advertisement obsolete?
  • A system of advertising in schools and colleges
  • Television sets with violence should be banned forever
  • Violent video games have destroyed the human mind
  • Modern journalists must get rid of bias
  • The holidays will help society more than just talk
  • World and family argumentative essays
  • If you want to use as many examples as possible from your personal life and experience, you will most likely remember your family and friends. You can find different family members to write your essay if you find it difficult to deal with some family responsibilities. Perhaps you just want to show what the perfect family should look like

    Use these samples of the family to write an argument paper on the most important family values:

  • How would parents prevent their children from having abortions?
  • At what age is it morally and ethical to know about sex from your parents?
  • Parents are not responsible for all the actions of their children
  • The family should limit access to video games to violence if they harm children’s brains
  • Parents should not insist on a particular professional career for their children
  • Divorced parents must take care of their children
  • At what age do adolescents have to work and earn a living?
  • How’s life on campus different from living with your family?
  • One person has the right to adopt children?
  • Is it a good idea to pay children for “A +”?
  • Is the child free to choose another religion than his/her parents?
  • All these controversial topics are controversial and important to the whole society and are interesting for discussion. In addition, there is enough room to offer its own ideas and new solutions to existing problems/problems

    Final opinion on the argument

    You should consider the appointment as a controversial document as a chance to share a personal life experience or a life case instead of being regarded as a terrible or gross challenge. In solving tasks related to homework, secondary school and college teachers simply want to improve your academic performance through improvement:

  • Reading and understanding
  • Knowledge of a specific subject
  • This is your chance to show your strengths and offer new ideas to the world. You can use the best essay and other scientific works in the future. A good example may be the professional career of a journalist: in case you are working on a large social or legal study, you may want to share it with the media. Thus, society will learn about one of the more talented writers. It is also an opportunity to learn more about modern technology, education system or other country, place and culture

    After you have taken care of selecting a topic, you need to start collecting information from reliable and up-to-date sources. Try selecting sources that are not older than five years. Use text links and facts as evidence to support your main argument (a.k.a. the thesis statement)

    In case you have finished your main argument, but you have no idea what’s next, you have a reason to find the electronic service on the Internet. It is very difficult to find a large site with free examples of the use of reasoned documents and cheap